Some of my clients:

Consulting industry:

  1. BCG, Zürich
  2. Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen
  3. Deloitte, Zürich
  4. EY, Düsseldorf, Zürich
  5. Iskander Business Partner, Düsseldorf, München
  6. Michelin, Clermont-Ferrand
  7. Motel One, München
  8. Ramboll, Kopenhagen
  9. Ritterwald, Berlin
  10. Roland Berger, Amsterdam, Beirut, Brüssel, Buenos Aires, Casablanca, Chicago, Dubai, Istanbul, Kiew, London, Moskau, München, Paris, Peking, Pune, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Singapur
  11. Sixt, München
  12. Stern Stewart, München
  13. STI, München
  14. Universitätsmedizin Greifswald
  15. Universitätsklinikum Rechts der Isar
  16. Verlagsgruppe von Holtzbrinck, Stuttgart
  17. Volkswagen Consulting, Wolfsburg
  18. WDT Garbsen
  19. Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner, München


Automotive & Mobility:

  1. Borgers, Bocholt
  2. KET, München
  3. Miba, Laakirchen (A)
  4. Michelin, Clermont-Ferrand, Paris
  5. Sixt, Fort Lauderdale, Pullach
  6. Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg
  7. Webasto, München

Healthcare & Pharma:

  1. Allgemeines Krankenhaus Celle, Celle
  2. Allgemeines Krankenhaus Peine, Peine
  3. Gematik, Berlin
  4. Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Hannover
  5. Takeda, Berlin
  6. Universitätsmedizin Greifswald, Greifswald


  1. Pilot, Hamburg
  2. Verlagsgruppe von Holtzbrinck, Stuttgart
  3. Zeit-Verlag, Hamburg


  1. Doctolib, Berlin
  2. MyHammer, Berlin
  3. Parship, Hamburg

Retail market:

  1. Flaconi, Berlin
  2. WDT, Garbsen
  3. Tierarzt24, Garbsen

Banking & Insurances:

  1. Swiss Life, Hannover, München
  2. HypoPlus AG, Zürich

Hospitality industry:

  1. MotelOne, München

Mechanical engineering:

  1. RENA, Freiburg

Safety engineering:

  1. Plath, Hamburg


Some comments

On „Interviewing techniques
Participants‘s statements taken from a client’s survey:

What they liked:

  1. The content
  2. Instant Feedback and possibility to ask any question
  3. Good atmosphere
  4. Iterative and open discussions
  5. Helpful comments for application in real world situations
  6. Relevance – suggested questions will help me in my daily life
  7. Very short and efficient training
  8. The Trainer was very knowledgeable and entertaining. She provided new insights on interviewing behaviour and additionally provided practical examples
  9. Very hands-on oriented training with great insights for an effective interviewing
  10. Very knowledgeable trainer, practical insights, highly recommend
  11. Good team exercises
  12. Very interesting content: Content not only supportive for interviewing but also for client handling situation (body language, discussion techniques)
  13. Very good and experienced trainer
  14. Live training with the test candidates, very good examples by the trainer, excellent Q&A sessions with the trainer (e.g. how should I react when ...)
  15. Direct 1 on 1 feedback from coach
  16. Motivated, very friendly and experienced trainer

To improve:

  1. More practice time
  2. More practical sessions (was just the one day training)
  3. More exercises regarding body language
  4. It would be also nice to have an introduction to the biostructures (another training provided by Angelika) as it would help others to get a more comprehensive overview
  5. Perhaps one more candidate
  6. Some more training sessions
  7. Training could be also on 3 days instead of only 2

The assessment of 20 trainings is 4.84 out of 5.00 points for the trainer’s quality. The range went from 4.69 to 5.00 points as average results of the different trainings.

The methods are ranked 4.65 of 5.00 points. The range was 4.3 to 4.92 as an average of the different trainings.


On „Client Communication“
Participant‘s statements taken from a client’s survey:

What they liked:

  1. Trainer/colleagues/good mixture of content/theory/role plays
  2. Highly experienced trainer
  3. Role playing
  4. Discussion with the other seminar members
  5. Illustrative examples
  6. Learning for professional life and private life
  7. Structure according to the needs of the seminar participants
  8. The real time exercises
  9. Trainer Angelika Moritz is authentic, full of knowledge and a great speaker. The topics can be applied one to one in professional and private life.
  10. Trustful atmosphere within the team
  11. The seminar was individually tailored to the participants
  12. The seminar leader has extensive knowledge and was able to respond individually to questions and problem-solving approaches
  13. The coach was highly interested in working on daily examples/conflict situations/real-life experience.
  14. The appropriate balance between exercise and theoretical material was achieved.
  15. The schedule, the 2 days did not appear to be overfilled with input, you really could learn how to deal with your own personality and the client's personality
  16. Angelika. She's such a great trainer. The topic is also very helpful.
  17. No preference, everything was perfect!

To improve:

  1. Two days is not enough for the communication training, the time spent in the classroom was highly intense and the amount of new information was more than a human brain can accept and process at this short time.
  2. Nothing to improve!
  3. The second day was a little teacher-centred. Too much verbal information. Very interesting though! Some of the things I don't have in the handout.

The assessment of 13 trainings is 4.96 out of 5.00 points for the trainer’s quality. The range went from 4.82 to 5.00 points as average results of the different trainings.

The methods are ranked 4.98 of 5.00 points. The range was 4.3 to 5.00 as an average of the different trainings.



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