Training courses

Training courses

The modules of my training courses / coachings

Leading people

  1. Find the right employees: Techniques for interviewing job applicants
  2. Servant Leadership
  3. Leading to results
  4. Lead employees according to their needs
  5. Executive development
  6. From colleague to boss
  7. Leading according to people’s Structogram®
  8. Leading people in difficult times

Team building

  1. Manage conflicts – have more fun working together
  2. Teams facing change


  1. Customer communication
  2. Team communication
  3. Manage difficult conversations with employees
  4. Sales communication: Find out about the customer’s real needs
  5. How to overcome the blockades to dialogue
  6. How to avoid destructive psychological games
  7. Convince others

Presentation skills

  1. Come across as self-confident and authentic
  2. Reach your audience
  3. Come to the point
  4. Anchoring technique
  5. Manage difficult situations

Personal development

  1. The Structogram® as key to self-knowledge
  2. Diminish troublesome inner driving forces

Manage relations

  1. How to establish and keep contact
  2. How to gain trust
  3. The factors of relationships that work
  4. How to de-escalate conflicts

Coaching of individuals and teams

  1. Individual trainings on the modules above
  2. Assist in taking on new tasks or roles
  3. In order to overcome  personal blockades
  4. Prevention of burn-out
  5. Sparring partner for generative coaching

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